Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is key to successful business development and proposal preparation. It is a guide in terms of organizational objectives, capacity, structure and operations. It helps husband resources to achieve organizational goals and serves to prioritize selection of specific business opportunities and the distribution of resources. Some members of our team have specialized in and led numerous and successful strategic planning efforts.


The DevBizExperts team has worked on numerous assignments with various donor agencies, private sector groups and NGOs. Some have served as senior officials in international agencies as well. This deep and broad experience has permitted them to build an extensive network of contacts throughout the developing world. As a result they are able to reach out to donor agency officials as well as private sector and NGO leaders as partners for specific projects. Our team also has access to a large number of experts that can be recruited for project proposals. This is a significant strength that can benefit our clients.

Business Development

Our team has extensive and wide experience and expertise in the development of new business with a broad spectrum of donor agencies. We understand how the business development process works, from gathering intelligence to recruiting partners and experts to understanding what specific donors are looking for in proposals. A major strength is in our ability to network, making contact with colleagues with or for whom we have worked

Proposal Preparation

The members of our team have all drafted proposals and managed the proposal preparation process as well. We understand what donor agencies are looking for, how best to respond to their needs, and how to prepare competitive budgets without jeopardizing overheads. Our technical expertise contributes to these skills as in most cases we are able to speak and write with authority on specific issues addressed in RFAs and RFPs.

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