The DevBizExperts team has broad experience in identifying opportunities and positioning organizations to maximize their ability to identify opportunities.  We can exceed your expectations in capture trip results, in strategizing, managing, and producing proposals in an array of development sectors, resulting in highly competitive bids.  In addition, we have a large number of senior level contacts in the private and public sectors, as well as civil society, from which to recruit potential partners and experts.


Our experience is complemented by proven expertise in a wide range of technical areas. We also have deep knowledge of the proposal and marketing processes in responding to calls for proposals from a broad spectrum of donor agencies. Indeed, some of our team members have worked in USAID and other international development organizations and are able to provide direct knowledge of the internal working of proposal reviews and decision making.


The French language has a wonderful phrase for teamwork: esprit de corps, the spirit of a group that makes the members want to succeed. There is a sense of unity, of enthusiasm shared in common interests and responsibilities.  All this means that DevBizExperts will form a strong team with you, the client, to foster such things as team incentives, a respect for all proposal participants, and recognizing the value of all contributors.


With you, we will design and carry out an effective and aggressive plan to pursue your development goals and objectives through marketing, capture, and proposal development to enable project/program awards.  Our history of success with the donor community speaks volumes.  And our focus and work are directed entirely on producing desired results.

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